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Legally Registered

Centre for Social Planning and Administrative Development (CESPAD)

Centre for Social Planning and Administrative Development (CESPAD) is a non-governmental national organization legally registered in 2004 under Section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act of the laws of Kenya.

CESPAD specializes in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), integrity in water service provision( through the implementation of innovations and integrity models)), Sanitation, Hygiene, Environmental Conservation, Agriculture and Poverty analysis, with key focus areas being capacity development, qualitative and quantitative research to influence policy and Community Development, Public policy development, social accountability and public finance management.

Over the years CESPAD has aimed to shape and influence community (individuals/stakeholders and their institutions and groups) perception, attitude and behavior (decisions, actions and practices) at all levels on matters of Water, environment and natural resource management to realize good governance and best practice in the water sector.

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